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Terms & Condition
Prtimala Marketing PVT. LTD. 

Terms & conditions for co-ordinates (Making Members)
  1. You shall devote time & energy to the business of the company & shall carry in earnestly & honestly.
  2. To Co-ordinatorship shall stand terminated automatically if the co-ordinators accepts the co-ordinatorship/Distributorship/Agency of any other company/concern/organization firm (weather intentinally or unintentionally carrying on the cometitive business.)
  3. That your are authorized to recruit co-ordinators, may recommended honest & sincere person to work under your unit as co-ordinators on such terms & conditions & incomes approved by the company from time to time.  
  4. You shall comply with the circulars, instructions and orders issued by the company from time to time. In case of a difference in the interpreation of the clauses of this appointment or in other matter the decision of the company shall befinal & binding.
  5. That the desertion in the matter of Enrolment Number, Promotion & termination under you will rest entirely with company and The decision of the Managment shall be final and binding upon you in all matters.
  6. That the Books of the company shall be conclusive evidence of the state of dealing and accounts between you and the company. All accounts are to be rendered at the Head office and the management at Head office shall settle all disputes if any.
  7. You shall not pledge the credit of the company or shall enter into any contract of any king for and on behalf of the compny unless a specfic written permission to that effect has been obtained from the compentent authority.
  8. You shall maintain full secrecy about the business and the affairs of company.
  9. That this appointment shall automatically. Cease in case of Fraud, Dishonesty, misappopriation. misconduct or misdemeanors & you shall also forfeit all claims against the company without prejudice to the company's legal right.
  10. That you shall abide the rules & regulations of promotion channels formulated by the company.
  11. That you shall see that the work team member co-ordinators of your unit is not disturbed in any way by you or your team members / co-ordinators.
  12. Your arragement with the company is purely linked with your performance.
  13. Any infringement of the Terms & Conditions mentioned above will auttomatically ensure ceasing of code unless released by the management.
  14. Before doing signature you must read the Rule Book literature of the company and advised to note all amendments that executed recently.
  15. You should note that Enrolement fee renewal fees once deposited in not refunded in any circumstances.
  16. You would be liable for any type of Tax, Local sales Tax, Central Sales Tax, VAT, Octroi, Income Tax, Excise Duty, Pritimala Marketing Pvt Ltd is not responsible for any Tax, Shop establishment fee and all related penalties would be paid by independent co-ordinators only.
  17. The company shall deduct Tax at source from the incentives as per rates prescribed under Income Tax 1961. Any co-ordinator found guitty of spreading any sort of misleading information can be terminated at the sole discretion of the managment.
  18. Any co-ordinator has done any cotra activities against the aims rules & regulations of the company. he would be removed without any notice to him and appropriated action would be taken against him as per criminals & civil laus.
  19. Jurisdiction in respect of any all dispute arising out of in relation to this agreement shall vest exclusively in the court of Nandurbar Jurisdiction.
  20. All payments should be accepted in the form of DD only and payble at Nandurbar.
  21. Company shall not responsible for any payment made at any place or payment made to any person except for cash deposited at head office and also should have a company receipt.
  22. Distributor is and independent contractor (for all purpose, including tax and other wise) and is not an employee, legal representative or agent of Pritimala Marketing Pvt.Ltd. or any other Pritimala Marketing Pvt.Ltd. during this agreement. and during and for a period of three (3) years after termination of this agreement Distributor by this agreement.
  23. During this agreement, and during and for a period of three (3) years after termination fo this agreement Distributor will hold in confidence any trade secrets, formulas, sales and distribution systems, business information and literature which Distributor also agrees not to enter or participate in competing business activity.
  24. No Distributer or his / her spouse or other individual assisting in a Distributorship whom he did not Personally sponsor, to join other companies or to Purchase or spell Profucts or services other than Pritimala Marketing Pvt.Ltd. Products, violation of this rule carries a very strong Penalty including Possible termination of the distributorship.
  25. A sponsor is responsible for insuring that his/her sponsored distributors are able to acurie Pritimala Marketing Pvt. Ltd. Products should be supplied witting a reasonable period of time. A sponsor may supply them from his/her own inventory or service them though his / her supervisor, if Distributors are non-supervisor, or by ordering directly from inventory or service them though his/her supervisor, if Distributors are non-supervisor, or by ordering directly from Pritimala Marketing Pvt. Ltd.
  26. Amount of Rs.6899/- (words Membership Registration) is not at all refundable not transferable in any case and in any circumetance.
  27. D.D./Bank Pay order of Rs.6899 /- should be made in favour of Pritimala Marketing Pvt.Ltd. Payable at Nashik and to be send through Redej. A.D. Post / Speed Post / Reputed Courier only we do not accept Payment through cheque.
  28. ID will be issued and activated within 7 Days payment + recived.
  29. If payment is not received within 15 Days ID will be cancelled.
  30. Commission and centre incentive will be paid at the end of the month.
  31. Postage / courier Charges will be deducted from each incentive or commission cheque.
  32. Writed Name, Address and Phone No.on the Back side of your D.D. This scheme is for all your loving friends to sell the good and increase.